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My First Neural Network (Aug 2015)

Christoph Bühler, September 2020

In an effort of archiving old projects I stumbled upon my first Neural Network in JavaScript. It’s a simple backpropagation network that can solve basic tasks like XOR.

Network Structure

This section is for creating the structure of the network. Layers are separated by spaces and the numbers define the amount of neurons on a given layer.

Training Data

Data for training the network can either be provided manually by entering every value (default is XOR) or by providing a function input.

Training Setup

This is where the network can be trained!

..seems like I wasn’t very patient back in 2015, setting the default maximum training duration of a NN to 100s 😉


After training a network, it can be tested in this section.

Bonus: Graph

If the network structure has exactly one input and one output, a graph appears, visualizing the training progress.