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Bow Man Android Wear (April 2015)

Christoph Bühler, September 2020

I took it as a challenge to think of a small game that would be perfectly suited for playing on a smart watch. The biggest restriction would be the new form factor of a completely round screen and the limited performance of those first-gen devices. Most games would be visually too complex for a fun experience.

I ended up creating Bow Man Android Wear (a clone of the famous flash game) in one or two days just with the use of the native Java Canvas. It just felt like the perfect game for Android Wear. Unfortunately the game is not available anymore.

Game Mechanics

The player chooses a difficulty (easy or hard) and then starts the game against a computer. Both the player and the computer play as an archer. The archers stand with a random distance from each other.

By dragging from the top right corner of the device to the bottom left, the player can control both the angle and the force with which to shoot in the direction of the enemy. That is the only thing a player can do. After shooting, the camera animates from where the arrow hit the ground to the enemy and then it’s his turn.

When hit, an archer starts bleeding. Depending on where he has been hit, the damage dealt is worse. When the player or the enemy is dead, the game is over.


I uploaded the game to the Play Store, expecting maybe a handful of downloads. It became my hobby for the upcoming weeks to check the downloads and the user feedback and I was happy about each one of them.

28,02K downloads and a rating of 3.8

I was surprised of getting thousands of downloads and plenty of nice reviews! The app was even featured as part of some small articles and YouTube videos.

Awesome! Pretty cool little game for a watch, really simple and works perfectly. On my previous review the Dev replied right away and fixed the only small issue I encountered, that’s awesome, thanks! I just hope you can add some variations to it. I’ve spent more time than I should on this so it’s getting easy and a little bit predictable. Maybe a hardcore difficulty with almost no fails from the computer, multiple enemies or something like unlockable armour, just an idea because the game is amazing as is.

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